Up-and-coming entrepreneurs with ideas at an early stage of development will have an opportunity to gain valuable pitch experience at ERF 2023 in Odense.

Odense Investor Summit’s Pitch Academy 

hosted by Odense SEED & VENTURE and CONNECT 

We invite all up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the field of robotics to join this session to get an opportunity to pitch your idea to the panel of industry experts and get a taste of pitching and feedback. 

Odense Investor Summit is an annual event that has been taking place in the heart of the Danish robotics cluster – Odense – since 2016. Its main goal is to gather robotics, drones and automation companies, as well as relevant investors. The cases presented on the day go through an extensive selection process that includes screening and pitch training, which will be recreated for this one-time only session at this year’s European Robotics Forum (ERF) that will take place on 15th March at 13:00. 

Benefits from participation 

During the session you will get a chance to pitch in front of the panel of experts, receive feedback and learn from other participants. It is also a unique way to get introduced to the local community and qualify your case before joining the euRobotics Entrepreneurship Award competition or the Odense Investor Summit. 


This event is organized by Odense Investor Summit, Odense SEED & VENTURE, SDU, Odense Robotics 

Time of session 

The session will take place on 15th March from 13:00 and will be an open event to all registered attendees of the European Robotics Forum. 


The initial applications will be reviewed by the organizing committee, which will follow a selection process to identify 6-7 applicants. Each individual will be invited for the Odense Investor Summit Academy session and will be assigned a 7-minute time slot for the pitch. The presentation should not include any confidential information, as the session will be open to the public. The slide deck should be delivered latest 7 days before the session. After each pitch, the panel of experts will proceed to share their feedback, facilitated by Odense SEED & VENTURE and CONNECT. 

The Odense Investor Summit Pitch Academy is considered as a very early-stage ideas development and evaluation session. Candidates with a clearly defined pitch for a robotic company are encouraged instead to apply for the annual ERF Entrepreneurship Award https://eu-robotics.net/call-for-participants-eurobotics-entrepreneurship-award-2023/ , and will not be eligible for this session.