We want to make sure everyone at euRobotics gets the chance to read and get a glimpse of the workshops and other sessions that took place in Rotterdam. If you led a workshop, please upload your workshop reports and supporting documents in the relevant folder in the public directory: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BuYls2cC82E-nZvcbL9rCqbL9hJBJogb?usp=sharing . The call is already out for workshop proposals for next year’s ERF (See Call for ERF 2023 Workshops in this edition). Planning to put forward a proposal for ERF 2023? Here’s a tip: submit your materials from Rotterdam and you’ll be making a big step for your workshop to be accepted for Odense. 

Meanwhile, here’s another workshop report from ERF 2022 in Rotterdam:

  • Sustainable Digital Infra Construction Robotics

WORKSHOP: Sustainable Digital Infra Construction Robotics 


  • Rauno Heikkilä, University of Oulu
  • Tanja Kolli, University of Oulu
  • Visa Hokkanen, Infrakit Oy
  • Jan Bradt, Infrakit Oy


  • Rauno Heikkilä, University of Oulu
  • Visa Hokkanen, Infrakit Oy
  • Lauri Hartikainen, Pointscene
  • Mika Jaakkola, Destia
  • Molaei Amirmasoud, Novatron

Workshop highlights 

The workshop focused on the recent development and achievements in the field of sustainable digital infra construction, including infrastructure design, construction and maintenance using open infra BIM (building information modelling) and construction automation and robotics. Among key points, the integration of open Infra BIM with more and more autonomous machine control, together with new means and technologies to control emissions, and real-time cloud service systems were illustrated, demonstrated and discussed. The organizers and speakers were top level members of research institutions and company service providers.

Conclusions/next steps

We found that infrastructure construction industry is developing forward towards open infra BIM based automation (more and more autonomous machine control systems) and zero emission level of working process. Autonomous machine swarms are already being studied and under strong development. In Japan some contractors already use autonomous swarms. 

Links to the workshop slide presentations can be found here: 

Towards model based sustainable autonomous heavy machinery

Work performance evaluation of infra construction machinery

Automation and robotics for infrastructure construction – interactive control of smart excavator

Digital and sustainable road construction – contractor point of view