euRobotics at the heart 

Following a period of reflection, the euRobotics family of logos has been refreshed. Visitors to the Association’s website homepage may notice that the SPARC logo has been replaced by a new logo – euRobotics Alliances. Small changes have been adopted for the other logos representing ERF, ERW and ERL and these will soon appear on the website. A logo has now also been created for the euRobotics Topic Groups. The euRobotics ‘fan’ logo itself is unchanged. 

These detailed design changes are small – but taken together they reflect several aspects of the Association’s current phase of transition. 

The logos for Alliances and Topic Groups both feature an arc of stars. For Alliances these appear in different sizes and colours, reflecting the diversity of types of alliance that euRobotics may enter into. For Topic Groups these stars are of a similar size and colour, reflecting the equal importance and broadly common purpose of the TGs, even though they may vary in some specifics.    

For the Forum, the Week and the Leagues the logos remain clear, strong and professional in appearance. The more ‘playful’ striped pattern on the ERW logo distinguishes it from the strong, simple colours of the ERF logo, although in other respects they bear a close resemblance to each other. The ERL logo is also similar, to show that it too is one of the family of euRobotics ‘assets’, while the choice of gold/grey tones is intended to reflect the prestige and ‘gravitas’ of the Leagues. 

Another small but significant adjustment to note – the use of ‘euRobotics’ rather than ‘European’ in connection with the Topic Groups, to emphasise their affiliation with euRobotics. 

Finally but not least, the accompanying tagline ‘Brought to you by SPARC’ has been retired and replaced with ‘euRobotics at the heart’ for the ERF, ERW and ERL logos and ‘Brought to you by euRobotics’ for the three awards logos. This decision reflects both the conclusion of the link with SPARC and the reaffirmation of euRobotics as the driving force behind each of the assets and activities represented by this family of logos. 

The existing brand guidelines are being updated to reflect these changes, and also simplified to make the guidelines more accessible and easier to apply. 

The euRobotics Executive Team thanked Mare Mechelinck from the Pegasus team and graphic designer Corina Radu for their skill and patience in carrying out the changes, which went through several iterations before the final logo forms were chosen.