If you were with us at ERF in Odense (as so many members of the robotics community were), you may have noticed a small camera unit and an interviewer with an euRobotics microphone interviewing various people around the event. This was our regular event communication duo Steve Doswell and Corina Radu, who were capturing the thoughts and perspectives of some of those involved in ERF, the euRobotics Awards and euRobotics in general.  

The interviews were short, snappy, fun-focused exchanges. You can see watch the ERF 2023 interviews on YouTube. The extensive ERF 2023 Photo Galleries are also available for you to browse through and remember (if you were there) or discover some of what you missed! 

A vigorous effort by the ERF media team also produced some welcome press coverage. Media interest was certainly lifted by the presence of royalty. Robots are fascinating but everyone loves a prince, it seems! You can read a round-up of the media activity and the impact that it had in the ERF 2023 media review

Finally (for now, at least), a reminder to the coordinators of workshops that took place at this year’s ERF. As we did last year, we would like to share some of the workshop materials – reports, pictures, presentations – with the wider community via the newsletter and on the website. Clearly nothing compares to being there and participating in the workshop in person but the range and quality of workshops were so good that the presenters and their materials deserve a wider audience. We’ll be sharing a link to a pre-formatted website page where workshop materials can be uploaded.