European Robotics Week (ERW) is almost here. It takes place between 18th-27th November, and will be celebrated in schools, labs and other venues across Europe as always. Read on for details of the curtain-raising Central Event, which takes place at the Leibniz University Hannover, Germany, on Thursday 17th November. ERW National Coordinators are putting the final touches to their planned activities, This follows months of hard work spent creating interesting events to engage young people and non-specialist audiences alike with an interest in robotics. Details of events planned so far are shown on the ERW 2022 events page of the euRobotics website (scroll down the map to get the full picture). New events are being added all the time so please visit the page regularly. Erol Sahin, Director, METU-ROMER and ERW National Coordinator in Turkey, is organizing a Pan-European Virtual Robot Tournament as part of ERW this year. Further details are given in a short background presentation about the competition.

Lichthof, Leibniz University Hannover, venue for the ERW 2022 Central Event

ERW 2022 takes place under the continuing shadow of Covid-19. This year’s Central Event will take the form of a simple hybrid opening ceremony with a keynote address and panel discussion on Thursday 17th November, plus an event to showcase the work of the Roberta initiative in Hannover. The opening ceremony will take place in the Lichthof, the airy and impressive atrium at Leibniz University Hannover, before a locally-invited audience.  

Thursday’s two-hour event will be presented by robospace gGmbH, the driving force behind the Roberta RegioZentrum, together with the roboterfabrik of Leibniz Universität Hannover, in association with euRobotics. 

All members and supporters of euRobotics as well as the public are invited to join this free event via live stream from 4-6pm CET on 17th November. Please keep this time free to join us and enjoy the presentations.  

Bernd Liepert, euRobotics president, and Ina May, founder and CEO of robospace will open the event. Dr Tobias Ortmaier, managing director of avateramedical Digital Solutions GmbH and co-founder of voraus robotik GmbH, will give a short keynote address. The panel discussion will follow, with confirmed panellists Professor Bernardo Wagner of Leibniz University Hannover; Dr.-Ing. Alexander Georgiadis, deputy head of the digitalisation unit at Lower Saxony’s ministry of economics, employment, transport and digitalisation; Heike Bickmann, head of unit at the Lower Saxony education ministry, and Phillip Becker, general manager of Vision Lasertechnik GmbH.

The Central Event in Hannover raises the curtain on ten days of locally-organised robotics events in many countries across Europe under the collective mantle of European Robotics Week.