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Here at euRobotics we’re working through our autumn programme, from September’s Topic Group Summit to November’s European Robotics Week. There’s always something to say about our next flagship event, the European Robotics Forum, too. Meanwhile, there are interesting developments elsewhere in robotics and we try to note these in the newsletter. As we like to remind you, euRobotics is a community and we value your participation. Your stories interest us, so if you have news to share, send us a message via  We plan ahead so please give us plenty of advance notice about future events and activities. Pictures are always welcome, too. Meanwhile, enjoy our latest newsletter. 

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This Newsletter has been written and produced by the euRobotics newsletter production team: Reinhard Lafrenz, Corina Radu (design), Marie Fortems (proof-reading), Inge Rehorst and Steve Doswell. All comments, enquiries and requests to reproduce content from the newsletter should be sent to the euRobotics Office team via