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Welcome to the pilot issue of the euRobotics newsletter. This is our new channel for news and information that we think will be of interest to euRobotics members. We plan to produce the newsletter every month with a range of content. There will be some regular items in every issue, while other topics will appear when we think the time is right. We will give you a point of view from euRobotics and we will encourage members to become involved, too. In this way, the newsletter will feature a range of voices – perhaps yours, too. We want the newsletter to become a valued part of our service to members. We will welcome your opinions and your contributions – and after a couple of issues we plan to gather your feedback. Meanwhile, please take a look and enjoy our pilot issue. Happy reading!

The Newsletter Team

Editorial and Production

This Newsletter has been conceived, written and produced by the euRobotics newsletter project team: Reinhard Lafrenz, Marta Palau Franco, Linda Gesenhues, Corina Radu (design) and Steve Doswell. All comments, enquiries and requests to reproduce content from the newsletter should be sent to the euRobotics Office team.