Look out for several METRICS competitions in the coming weeks. The METRICS partners are maintaining the pace with competitions and preparation for forthcoming campaigns in all four priority areas. Read on for details… 


Firstly, the ACRE Cascade Campaign ends on 9 May. In this fully virtual competition, participants are asked to perform object detection to recognize crop plants and weeds on RGB images. 

Later this month on 25-26 May, the ACRE Field Campaign will take place in Cornaredo, Italy at “Azienda Agricola Ciro Menozzi – Cascina Baciocca”. Several Functionality and Task benchmarks have been prepared for the competition. There will be live coverage of the competition.  

Find out more via a recording of the latest ACRE competition workshop.  


Agile production: The ADAPT team are preparing on-site facilities for the Field Campaign to take place during ICRA 2023 on 1-2 June. Three different host locations can be used for participation: Oldenburg (Germany), Paris (France) and Tampere (Finland). Dedicated hardware is available at each location. Contact the organizers at agile.production@metricsproject.eu  

Healthcare: The HEART-MET Field Campaign will also be linked to ICRA 2023. The challenge will be organised at ExCeL London from May 29th to June 1st, 2023. During the challenge, assistive robots are tasked with fetching an item for a person in a home. 


Field competitions both for aerial and underwater domains will take place this summer. 

Aerial: In 2023 RAMI Aerial campaigns are taking place in two consecutive stages. The first-stage  cascade evaluation campaign ran from January to April 2023, where teams developed and tested their algorithms on datasets provided by CATEC. The teams with the best performances were then pre-selected to take part in the second-stage field evaluation campaign, which will take place at the ICUAS conference venue in June 2023 in Warsaw, Poland. 

The results of the first stage of the METRICS RAMI Aerial Campaigns 2023 are now available. More information:


Marine: The 2nd RAMI Marine Robots competition will be held at the NATO STO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) in La Spezia, Italy, 16 ‒ 21 July 2023. The competition will challenge the Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) of participant teams to fulfil Inspection & Maintenance tasks set in the CMRE protected seawater basin. AUVs will require perception, manipulation, adaptive mission planning and autonomous navigation skills to be successful.