We are pleased to announce that this year’s Topic Group (TG) Summit will take place on the 27-28th September 2022. As last year it will be a virtual event hosted through a meeting platform with breakout groups, panel and plenary sessions.

The Summit is your opportunity to contribute to the direction of euRobotics and help to create the materials that feed the roadmap. An opportunity for you to come together and exchange ideas while working on common cross-cutting topics. In this way the TG Summit is designed to counter-balance the more individual topic sessions that characterise ERF. 

Each TG Summit has a different focus to bind the different activities together. 

Last year was structured around different TG clusters and its work set the focus for the contribution euRobotics made to the 2023/24 Horizon Europe work programme.  

This year will focus on exploring overarching strategic research and innovation goals for European robotics. It will also examine at how we should engage as a community with other closely-related technical areas and how we can share our vision and roadmap with them. The results of this activity will be used by the euRobotics Board of Directors in setting out a strategic agenda for European Robotics. 

As it was last year, the Summit will be composed of a mixture of plenary and breakout sessions, some with external speakers and panels and others based on group work around specific cross-cutting topics. 

We will open registration in August and set out the Summit details by the start of September. We look forward to seeing everyone there!