The Topic Group (TG) on Safety started as a grassroots movement at the European Robotics Forum 2020 in Malaga. Led by Magnus Albert (SICK) and José Saenz (Fraunhofer IFF), this TG has organised to date a workshop at ERF2021 – already preparing two for ERF2022- and contributed to the SRIDA and Roadmap 2030 activities.  

The euRobotics Board of Directors officially adopted the Topic Group in autumn 2021, opening an internal call for the election of permanent coordinators.

On 31st January, the Topic Group Safety welcomed Coordinator Dr. Magnus Albert and Deputy Coordinator Dr. Daniela Cancila. 

Dr. Magnus Albert – Coordinator

Magnus received his PhD from the University of Aarhus, Denmark in 2010. He joined the R&D department of SICK AG in Waldkirch, Germany in 2012. Since then, his interest was on safety challenges in various fields. He acted as initiator and interim coordinator of the euRobotics Topic Group on Safety.

“I am convinced that safety is a key for the acceptance of robotics solutions in any application and therefore also for market success for robotics in general. Bringing together the expertise on safety within euRobotics’ TG safety will push forward novel technologies and methodologies for a safer future.“

Dr. Magnus Albert

Dr. Daniela Cancila – Deputy Coordinator

Daniela received her PhD from the University of Udine, Italy, in 2003. Since December 2012, she is at CEA, Paris, France. Along her work career, Daniela created a rich network of industrial collaborations at both national and international level centered around safety aspects of mobile autonomous cyber-physical systems, where Daniela has become a recognised expert.

“I believe that Safety is a crucial ingredient to automation solutions that respond to the present and future needs of society. euRobotics provides an excellent environment to evolve the understanding of and the response to Safety challenges, with greater attention to eco-friendly (sustainable) safety solutions. “

Dr Daniela Cancila

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