The European Commission is coordinating a common European response to the Coronavirus outbreak  in order to reinforce the public health sectors and mitigate the socio-economic impact in the European Union.

The EC launched an initiative to collect ideas about deployable Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics solutions as well as information on other initiatives that could help face the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. The initiative aims to create a unique repository that is easily accessible to all citizens, stakeholders and policymakers and become part of the common European response to the outbreak of COVID-19.

If you have developed an AI system or built a robotic tool that can be deployed either immediately or in the short to mid-term in the context of disease prevention, diagnosis or treatment, please share it on the EC website.

The H2020 project DIH-HERO fights against COVID-19 with an emergency call for projects (one-week deadline) to boost robotic solutions that can be deployed quickly in the healthcare sector.

In total DIH-HERO offers up to €5 million in open calls to fight against COVID-19.

  • Up to €1 million for theEmergency COVID-19 call (approx. €100,000 per application, call open: 10/04/2020 with submission deadline: 17/04/2020).
  • In addition, the €4 million Technology Transfer Experiment call is still open, and COVID-19 related proposals are more than welcome (max. €200,000 per application, deadline 15/06/2020).

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay