Telerobotics is widely used to enable the application of robots at various remote sites, be it for medicine, aerospace, underwater, industry, aviation and underground. For successful teleoperation, many aspects of robotics must be considered, from hardware design to sensor choice, control algorithms, operator interfaces, communication channels and networking. This TG is building a network between teleoperators, researchers and suppliers of technology critical for teleoperation. The aim is to share knowledge, expertise, experiences, challenges and solutions in order to foster the use of teleoperated robots and increase their functionality and versatility across many domains. It also acts as a link between EURobotics and the wider European community.


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The Telerobotics working group aims to fundamentally link the different aspects required for the successful use of teleoperated robots in many domains. We achieve this by organising seminars, workshops and other events where the European network can connect with each other and share the challenges they face and solutions they have found. By connecting the stakeholders across research, industry and government we also aim to foster the growth of this field by collecting centralised input to support euRobotics and ADRA roadmapping activities, as well as allow members to build their own consortiums and partnerships, and share their own events. 


  • Seminars: We organise seminars for our members to share their expertise and open questions. These can be remote, or in some cases, on site with demonstrations.
  • Roadmapping: The TG carried out roadmapping activities which have been incorporated into the euRobotics Roadmap to be shared with the EU Commission. 
  • ERF Workshop: Each year, the TG coordinates, or helps its members to coordinate a workshop around Teleoperation, and is one of the main events we meet in each year.

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