The Topic Group Standardisation takes care of providing information flow back and forth from the euRobotics community and sundry entities such as ISO Committees on robotics, AI, Digital Twins, the ADRA association working group and the ADRA open forum on standards, the EU Commission Officers involved in Standards to support the EU new Regulations, the ADRA-e project, and other projects with a bearing on Standards. The TG organises workshops, and supports entities and companies interested in developing new standards.


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The standardisation topic group works on all the topics and issues of Standards in robotics, from AI to hardware connectors. It provides expertise and up to date information for the euRobotics community and members about current standards, as well as those under development.

The TG also works on the identification of gaps in available standards in order to promote improvements and the creation of new standards in a bottom-up approach on the basis of the industry and scientific experts input.

In 2022 the TG became the official Liason to the ISO Commitees in Robotics and in AI.
The TG was instrumental in creating the very first working group and open forum on standards across the domains of robotics, AI, data, within the ADRA association of which euRobotics is an active member.

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