#Smartregions with smart robots in Tweets About 200 robotics experts and local, regional, and national authorities discussed how to develop regional innovation strategies based on robotics at the “Smart regions with smart robots” event in Brussels on 10 May at the Committee pf Regions. Under the hashtag #smartregions, this very first event looking into the potential that robotics has for Europe’s regions, benefitted from over 700,000 impressions on Twitter.

Smart #regions with #robots meeting roboticists. Cool event @EU_CoR @eu_Robotics@SPARCrobotics @RoboticsEU @DSMeuhttps://t.co/R8pCtKXGKFpic.twitter.com/7LpAX7WFul— Vladimír Beroun (@VladimirBeroun) 10 May 2017

#smartregions with #robot a winning formula. pic.twitter.com/3TFtLevmV4— irene sardellitti (@iresar) May 10, 2017

#smartregions with #smartrobots unleashing #Robotics in the EU #EuropeRegulatesRoboticspic.twitter.com/7nwEOoLeBY— Andrea Bertolini (@AnB_Law) May 10, 2017

The event kicked off with a dive into robotics opportunities for regions with keynotes by hight level speakers: Dr Juha Heikkilä – Head of Unit Robotics & AI DG CONNECT (European Commission), Dr. Bernd Liepert – President of euRobotics aisbl, MEP Mady Delvaux and Markku Markkula – President of the European Committee of the Regions.

We need smart #regulation for smart systems: #data protection and ownership, #liability and health & safety – Juha Heikkila #smartregions pic.twitter.com/svvWKxzgbR— euRobotics (@eu_Robotics) May 10, 2017

Dr. Bernd Liepert, President of @eu_Robotics to give a speech about #innovation #smartregionspic.twitter.com/bHaW8WG6vx— euRobotics (@eu_Robotics) May 10, 2017

Robotics – huge opportunities for Europe: 262 European service #robots manufacturers, a variety of applications #smartregions pic.twitter.com/dOqaSxsiIO— euRobotics (@eu_Robotics) May 10, 2017

Markku Markkula @CoR_President to present the vision of #regions for #robotics#smartregions @EU_CoR pic.twitter.com/RS9Qh3JEAJ— euRobotics (@eu_Robotics) May 10, 2017

#SmartRegions with #SmartRobots: networks, collaboration & learning from each other will help make this a winning formula pic.twitter.com/84hjaetHFT— Markku Markkula (@CoR_President) May 10, 2017

The event was packed with a lot of presentations about robotics case studies and success stories from regions. The first workshop covered the impact of robotics on local economies and societies in various fields such as manufacturing, inspection, agriculture, mining or health, to name a few.

.@EU_CoR @eu_Robotics @EU_Commission @CoR_President @mady_delvaux Paolo Dario, presenting use case on #Health and #Wellbeing “we have not been so far able to translate our progress in market” #SmartRegions pic.twitter.com/pS0yrTbR3c— Dr. Ramesh Caussy (@rameshcaussy) May 10, 2017

Axel Transeth from @SINTEF to explain why inspection & maintenance #robots are important for #smartregions pic.twitter.com/uBferFKYyb— SPARC robotics (@SPARCrobotics) May 10, 2017

Tadas Stankevicius from #Kaunas and Edgaras Leichteris from the Lithuanian #RoboticsAssociation #smartregions pic.twitter.com/MAhhey69Ph— SPARC robotics (@SPARCrobotics) May 10, 2017

#Robotics benefits for SMEs: productivity, new business models, help for workforce #smartregions pic.twitter.com/8sTpLOfw9Q— euRobotics (@eu_Robotics) May 10, 2017

“Future farms are small and smart and can revitalise agriculture in rural areas”, professor Van Henten from @WUR says. #SmartRegions pic.twitter.com/zHAGZiu1Hm— RoboValley (@RoboValley) May 10, 2017

Smart Cities presentation by Alberto Sanfeliu @IRI_robotics @PALRobotics @eu_Robotics@SPARCrobotics #SmartRegions pic.twitter.com/mw5SCUPvUk— Francesco Ferro (@FerroFrancescoE) May 10, 2017

#smartcities #smartregions https://t.co/HIAuodbOUM— SmartCitiesUCLG-MEWA (@Smart_UCLG_MEWA) May 4, 2017

The event has also been the main showcase for success stories from regional clusters and digital innovation hubs, during the second workshop “Testimonies from Regions: Towards Digital Innovation Hubs in Robotics”.

Tuscany – a leader in education & training on/ using #robotics – 40% of primary & secondary schools use #robots – Paolo Dario #smartregions pic.twitter.com/FRk74A4tdq— SPARC robotics (@SPARCrobotics) May 10, 2017

Now “Towards Digital Innovation Hubs in Robotics”. C. Balaguer & Alfredo Sanchez (@comunidadmadrid) will present our hub#smartregions pic.twitter.com/zAgODshMsK— RoboCity2030 (@RoboCity2030) May 10, 2017

Of course, we brought some of our own gadgets to the @EU_CoR #SmartRegions conference. #DelFly #Zebro #swarm #robotics #tudelft pic.twitter.com/rPojaxvHkz— RoboValley (@RoboValley) May 10, 2017

Inspiring stories about building #robotics clusters across Europe. #odense #tuscany #bristol#paris # Madrid #andalusia #Delft #SmartRegions pic.twitter.com/aSICsz7DSD— RoboValley (@RoboValley) May 10, 2017

Incredible, how fast #smartregions in Europe are building their robot ecosystems, together we can concur the world! pic.twitter.com/cspToYHZll— Claire Arens (@clairetje1) May 10, 2017

The workshop “Towards a network of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) in Robotics” concluded the meeting.

Towards a network of Digital Innovation Hubs #DIHS #smartregions @eu_Robotics@SPARCrobotics pic.twitter.com/awzKniJG39— Francesco Ferro (@FerroFrancescoE) May 10, 2017

How to build your digital innovation hub #smartregions by Uwe Haass SPARCrobotics – we need your input!pic.twitter.com/e11Sd6nMWf …— EUSciComm (@EUSciComm) May 11, 2017

Thanks Uwe Haass for the good initiative! @eu_Robotics @EU_CoR @SPARCrobotics@roboconsult #smartregions pic.twitter.com/ERwc2bjekf— Francesco Ferro (@FerroFrancescoE) May 10, 2017

Let’s develop on this networking and work together. We all have a contribution to make! #smartregions #robotics @EU_CoR @RoboticsEU— euRobotics (@eu_Robotics) May 10, 2017

The exhibit floor was also the main venue for networking, and featured EU projects robots: Tibi – an urban robot part of the URSUS EU-funded project, and ARSI – a small aerial robot for sewer inspection, funded under ECHORD++, both from Barcelona, the Cyberlegs prosthesis funded under FP7, and the AMP-foot project funded by FWO (Flanders) and Innoviris (Brussel Capital Region).

From a personal companion Tibi to a high-tech leg protesis: #smartrobots at #CoR this Wednesday! https://t.co/2z9DqbJQ1J #smartregions pic.twitter.com/t55rwMGMHr— CoR (@EU_CoR) May 8, 2017

Tibi and Fernando Herrero telling you a little bit about us at @EU_CoR #EUregions#SmartRegions with #SmartRobots https://t.co/GmGyglEaaj— Institut de Robòtica (@IRI_robotics) May 10, 2017

@echordplusplus #ARSI drone by @Eurecat_news showcased today as example at @EU_CoR#SmartRegions #SmartRobots #EUCompetitiveness event pic.twitter.com/QGdWhAjbFy— Jesus Pablo Gonzalez (@jpgovi) May 10, 2017

Beyond the exhibit floor, networking between regional representatives and roboticists took place during the breaks and regions were invited to contribute to a catalogue to show case their success stories.

@RoboCity2030 @uc3mRoboticsLab @PALRobotics @eu_Robotics @HispaRob@SPARCrobotics @EU_CoR #smartregions pic.twitter.com/UYOrjDdwcF— Francesco Ferro (@FerroFrancescoE) May 10, 2017

The “Smart regions with smart robots” event was organised by the Robotics and AI Unit – DG CONNECT, European Commission and euRobotics under SPARC, the Public-Private partnership for Robotics in Europe and it was hosted by the European Committee of Regions. All attendees agreed that the event has been very useful and successful. And you know it was a success when Markku Markkula, president of the Committee of Regions was chatting with Tibi, a lady robot, in the exhibition area.

Tibi and Professor Sanfeliu talking with @CoR_President at @EU_CoR #SmartRobots#SmartRegions #EUcompetitivenesshttps://t.co/fQu1LLfDqO— Institut de Robòtica (@IRI_robotics) May 10, 2017