SIRo-SA (Socially Intelligent Robots and Societal Applications) TOPIC GROUP

Robots are becoming increasingly accessible to people, having wide potential applications. SIRo-SA TG is an ecosystem platform involving end-users, industry, & academics, to drive Innovative Collaborative Initiatives around this new generation of socially-focused & human-centered robots.  

Key activities: 

  • Strategic Science & Tech Roadmapping 
  • Expanding application horizons 
  • Identifying & addressing barriers  

We aim to unlock the greatest tech revolutions of the 21st-century for substantial societal impact. 


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Detailed information

Robots have enormous potential to play important roles for several of our needs, such as companionship, care, education, energy, tourism, entertainment, co-working, etc. However, there are still various constraints, which prevent the full potentials of such societal applications. There is a great need to create common ground and shared understanding about the science and technology of this new generation of socially-focused & human-centered robots, and their potentials, applications and barriers.  


  • Session organization in ERF and other relevant venues 
  • Inter-TGs Collaboration to foster bigger impact and ecosystem, e.g. Sustainability 
  • Input to euRobotics strategy and roadmapping 
  • Dissemination of euRobotics activities  
  • TG Members’ recognitions, exposure and collaboration opportunities  
  • Collectively generating scientific and technical papers, fostering joint publications 


  • Uncovering novel and future shaping real-world applications of socially-focused & human-centered robots. 
  • Bringing diverse stakeholders together, including End Users and Public. 
  • Share the insights from projects of robots’ deployments in social context, funded by the EU/industry-driven ventures/regional projects. 
  • Identifying unmet needs and unlocking untapped potentials. 
  • Leveraging Digital Innovation Hubs to sustain the ecosystem’s growth. 
  • Engaging with policymakers to shape the expectations and future directions. 


  • Identifying existing technological, R&D, and market barriers, and working towards their removal. 
  • Elevating Europe’s global standing by collectively advancing scientific excellence, boosting business potentials, and creating and making useful impact. 
  • Strengthening a committed network culture. 
  • Empowering local entities and end-users to actively participate. 
  • Open up new robotic business potentials through establishing a shared ground among stakeholders. 
  • Facilitate collaboration by bringing potential partners together and identifying potential proposals.  

SIRo-SA Topic Group Coordinators