With a large contingent of the European robotics community looking forward to ERF 2022 in Rotterdam, RoboPass kept its passport in its pocket this month and crossed several Shengen borders to visit The Netherlands and assess the robotics sector in the land of Orange. In 2021, the Netherlands was in 5th place (2020: 4th) on the European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS), placing it substantially (by 23%) above the EU average. One of the main strengths of Dutch innovation ecosystem is the strong cooperation between knowledge institutions and technology businesses. By linking research and innovation to societal challenges, and through the direct involvement of (end) users, researchers and technology providers, innovation is accelerated. This creates a dynamic landscape of start-ups, scale-ups, spin-offs from universities & research institutions and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The Dutch model is extremely suitable for start-ups, and Dutch robotics solutions are now finding their way around the world.

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