Preparations for ERF 2023 are gathering speed. Next year’s flagship event for the European robotics community will be delivered under the chosen theme: ‘Odense revisited – how to build a community for commercial success’. 

The strength of content is one of the keys to success of any event of this kind. The deadline for ERF2023 workshop proposals has passed and the Programme Committee has started evaluating the proposals that were received. Year by year, it is never guaranteed that proposal targets will be reached in terms of both quality and quantity. However, the Committee is satisfied that the volume and variety of proposals received this year will result in a strong programme for delegates to enjoy once ERF 2023 takes place in Odense next March. 

Some facts: 

  • About half of the proposals originated from euRobotics Topic Groups and about 30% are related to project clusters 
  • Key areas for workshop discussions once again include robotics and AI/Big Data, autonomy, collaborative robots and cloud robotics applied to the different domains such as healthcare, agri-food, maintenance & inspection, construction, just to name a few. 
  • A significant number of workshops also address aspects of environmental sustainability (the theme of this year’s ERF) as well as non-technical points related to innovation and entrepreneurship. Regulation and standardisation are of increasing importance as they play a critical role within the European business ecosystem in a globalised and highly competitive world. 
  • Workshops will get initial feedback soon and the Programme Committee expects to share an initial programme version with proposers by mid-November. 
  • Sponsor and exhibitor packages are almost ready. 
  • The organisers expect to open for ERF 2023 registrations early December.