Over 900 leading scientists, companies, and policymakers working in robotics convened at the European Robotics Forum (#ERF2018) in Tampere, Finland, 13-15 March. This year’s theme was “Robots and Us” with a focus on current societal and technical themes, including human-robot-collaboration and how robotics can improve industrial productivity and service sector operations. The 3-day programme featured keynotes, over 50 panel discussions and workshops, and over 50 robots roaming the exhibit floor at the Tampere Hall. #ERF2018 is the premier event for European Robotics, with staggering 1,6 million impressions on Twitter.

TIAGo robot is so excited to see the snow in Tampere! Can’t wait for #ERF2018 to begin tomorrow, see you all there! @eu_Robotics #TIAGoOnTour @tamperetalo #Finlandpic.twitter.com/iN1UESxCx8— PAL Robotics (@PALRobotics) March 12, 2018

The Opening saw keynote speakers’ statements and a panel discussion about “How should the society prepare for the rapid development of robotics”.

The European Robotics Forum has officially started with the talk of Bernd Liepert, President of @eu_Robotics.#ERF2018#Tampere pic.twitter.com/NeGKHooE6R— Burak Teke (@Burak__Teke) March 13, 2018

Lets open our mindset to the possibilities of utilization of data, AI, automation and robotics in order to benefit the entire society #DSM #ERF2018 Tampere. https://t.co/MZUjbJRYZx— Anne Berner (@AnneBerner) March 13, 2018

Minna Lanz – in the future we will not need stereotypical engineers, but roboticists who can work across boundaries and disciplines @eu_Robotics #erf2018 pic.twitter.com/xtufuXrO2X— James Law (@Dr_J_Law) March 13, 2018

Thomas Pilz from @Pilz_INT speaking about safety and standards for #robots at #ERF2018: we need to standardize standardization across application domains pic.twitter.com/8jMc4PEH5p— Georg von Wichert (@GeorgWichert) March 13, 2018

The audience enjoyed over 50 workshops on a wide variety of robotics-related topics.

FABULOS was presented during the session “The new H2020 robotics projects” at #ERF2018. Companies can receive up to 5,5 M€ for developing robot buses and operating systems supporting them. #AutonomousVehicles #robotics pic.twitter.com/Mc2hklxVrL— FABULOS (@FABULOSPCP) March 14, 2018

By bringing together over 50 sponsors and exhibitors, amongst them Fastems, KUKA and Sandvik (Platinum sponsors) and Schunk (Gold sponsor), the exhibition offereda unique window to the European robotics, also putting the spotlight on the Nordic markets.

Good morning, European Robotics Forum! Fastems is on the expo floor looking for new colleagues in #robotics and showcasing factory automation – stop by for a chat! #ERF2018@eu_Robotics pic.twitter.com/Iqw8aoRb3F— Fastems (@fastems) March 13, 2018

KUKA presented an app that simulates the implanting of an artificial hip at the #ERF2018. With the KUKA LBR iiwa the operation could be performed in the virtual world with haptic feedback. This is an important chapter of the education of future surgeons: https://t.co/lTM17b69nNpic.twitter.com/1Kw1K9w2IW— KUKA Systems (@KUKA_Systems) March 21, 2018

Enjoy the pictures from #ERF2018, in #Tampere#Finlandhttps://t.co/7aBF2h4RFh
Credits: Visual Outcasts, Uwe Haass, Matti Nenonen pic.twitter.com/gUMvOBFWxq— euRobotics (@eu_Robotics) March 26, 2018

The euRobotics PhD and TechTransfer Award and European Robotics League Awards were handed during a Gala Dinner on 14 March.

European Robotics League winners revealed at #ERF2018 https://t.co/zhL1XshqhNpic.twitter.com/AYcMYgaQBz— Robohub (@Robohub) March 21, 2018

Companies working in the robotics field opened their doors.

#ERF2018 event has been a great success – see you at #ERF2019, on 20-22 March, in Bucharest, Romania!

#ERF2018 Jyrki Latokartano @ropoottimiaes: I truly appreciate open atmosphere here in conference. Humans and robots met in a spirit of positive cooperation. pic.twitter.com/CS6u7R0LXl— TampereUniTech (@TampereUniTech) March 15, 2018