What products or services do you provide and in which sectors do you operate? 

We develop software products for highly-specialised applications. We are active in industrial automation, providing ad hoc solutions. 

We  also provide support for safety and risk assessment, ergonomics for the industry. 

We are experts in testing systems and software products, and we are very good in the design and implementation of human machine interfaces. Our motto is: Keep it simple! 

Here below a picture of our minimalist interface real time control and mission planning for an industrial floor washing robot.

“Our motto is: Keep it simple!” 

How long have you been active, where do you operate and where are your products/services used (in Italy, Europe or beyond)? 

 Kontor 46 was established 15 years ago in Turin, Piedmont, Italy, in the footsteps of a previous company. The genome of our company includes working in ESA EU Space Agency commercial contracts. Such a research device similar that today would be called a rehab robot (MARES device) and in the biomedical area, as well as collaboration with Alenia and Altec, two pillars of the aerospace industry in Turin, where we have our headquarters. It also includes many research projects in analytical biosensor-based devices, and many EU funded robotics projects. 

 From your own perspective, how does the future look in your target sectors? 

The future is bright and offers many opportunities. The region is undergoing an economic remodeling following the progressive reduction of the automotive sector. This remodeling is opening new areas of high-tech economic activities such as robotics, Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence.