Press release updated on 12 December 2017 with presentations


Where and When?

Brussels, 6 December 2017

Brussels44Center, Passage 44, Boulevard du jardin botanique 44, 1000 Brussels


The Robotics Information and Brokerage event organised by SPARC brought people from the robotics field together to explore the new 2018-2020 work programme and in particular the call for Robotics Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH).

Please note, that the Robotics part of the H2020 Work Programme in 2018 is only calling for networks of Digital Innovation Hubs in the selected Priority Areas (and a Coordination and Support Action), but not for any Research and Innovation Action (RIA) focusing on core technologies. These will be covered by calls in 2019–2020.

The call for networks of Digital Innovation Hubs concentrates on the four selected Priority Areas (PAs); healthcare, inspection and maintenance of infrastructure, agri-food, and agile production.

The Brokerage Day provided a unique opportunity to network ahead of the up-coming calls in 2018–2020 and to gain an insight into the new work programme shape. Presentations covered the current and future work programmes, the operation of Hubs and details of the current Call in 2018.

The event was open to all stakeholders and was not restricted to euRobotics members.

NEW: Presentations given during the Information and Brokerage Day

Overview of the Work Programme 2018–2020 by Juha Heikkilä

Digital Innovation Hubs by Cécile Huet

A SPARC perspecitve on the Work Programme and DIHs by David Bisset


10:00–10:30 Welcome coffee

10:30–11:30 Overview of H2020 Robotics Work Programme 2018–2020

  • Introduction to Hubs, Platforms and Pilots
  • Overview of Digital Innovation Hubs; what do they deliver, how do hey work and who are the stakeholders.
  • Overview of the Work Programme related to Robotics
    • Details for DT-ICT-02-2018: Robotics – Digital Innovation Hubs
    • FSTP’s, CSA’s and Working Groups.
    • Future Calls for pilots
    • AI platform
  • Rules for Participation and practical hints
  • Open Discussion

12:30–13:30 Lunch

13:30–16:30 Parallel sessions and/or Poster sessions related to the four Priority Areas and individual meetings to stimulate consortia building.

SPARC is the public-private partnership for robotics in Europe between the European Commission on one side and euRobotics representing all stakeholders.

Supporting documents

ICT Work Programme calls text

Please follow the link below:

Open calls related to robotics are

Call 2018:

  • DT-ICT-02-2018: Robotics — Digital Innovation Hubs
  • RUR-12-2018: ICT Innovation agriculture — Digital Innovation Hubs for Agriculture

Calls 2019-2020:

  • ICT-09-2019-2020: Robotics in Application Areas
  • ICT-10-2019-2020: Robotics Core Technology
  • DT-ICT-12-2020: The Smart Hospital of the Future