Perception is one of the key capabilities for robots to operate and act in unstructured (real) environments. The aim of this group is to bring together European experts, developers, service providers and end users from universities, RTOs and companies to join forces and enable robots to ‘leave’ the labs and operate in real-world scenarios to bring value to society.
In the topic group we cover model and machine learning-based approaches for visual, tactile and auditory perception. We also contribute to application domains. The topic group contributes to roadmaps, white papers and organizes workshops at conferences and the European Robotics Forum (ERF). Are you a research or industry expert in the field, needing robot perception to solve your tasks, or a member of an organization for vision or perception related activities? Please join and help us make robot perception possible!


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The Topic Group for Perception at eu.Robotics is a dynamic community focused on advancing the field of perception in robotics. Perception is a fundamental capability that enables robots to operate effectively and make informed decisions in unstructured real-world environments. This group aims to foster collaboration among European experts, developers, service providers, and end-users from universities, research and technology organizations (RTOs), and companies. Together, we strive to bridge the gap between laboratory research and practical applications, leveraging robots to create tangible value for society.

Our group explores a wide range of topics related to perception, with a particular focus on model and machine learning-based approaches to visual, tactile, and auditory perception. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies and algorithms, we aim to improve the ability of robots to perceive and understand their environment, enabling them to interact with the environment and adapt to complex scenarios. In addition to advancing the field through research and development, our group actively contributes to the creation of roadmaps and white papers that outline the future directions of perception in robotics. These documents serve as strategic guides to foster innovation and collaboration among stakeholders in academia, industry, and government. We also organize workshops at conferences and the prestigious European Robotics Forum (ERF), providing a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and showcasing the latest advances in robot perception.

Whether you are a research or industry professional seeking to push the boundaries of perception in robotics, an organization involved in robot vision or perception-related activities, or an individual with a keen interest in this exciting field, we invite you to join our group. By working together and sharing our expertise, we can overcome challenges, unlock new possibilities, and make robot perception a reality. Together, we can drive the development and adoption of cutting-edge technologies that will revolutionize robotics and benefit society as a whole.

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