PAL Robotics launches a new biped humanoid robot “REEM-C“. Life size, with 1.65 meters tall and weighing 80 kg, is able to lift and carry up to 10 kg, which makes it the most robust in its class. It is able to recognize the environment in which it is located, the people around it and objects within its reach. Besides it can remain fully operational for 6h and for 3h in complete movement, thanks to its battery system. Its fully integrated software: ROS (Robot Operating System) becomes one of its strongest points as it allows complete freedom of development and absolute simulation support.

REEM-C, is a product that has been developed to promote and contribute to the field of scientific research focused on robotics, thus becoming a support platform for both universities and laboratory. Its technical characteristics (object manipulation, voice recognition, and human interaction) and its sophisticated and attractive design, makes it perfect for educational activities and entertainment. “REEM-C“ is one of the few humanoid bipedal robots, with this kind of features, that can be found nowadays within the global robotics market.

About PAL Robotics

PAL Robotics is a robotics R&D company with a multinational team based in Barcelona, linked to the PAL Group of the United Arab Emirates. The origin of the company goes back to 2004, when four engineers started to develop their first humanoid robot REEMA, able to walk and play chess. After REEM-A the company developed a second biped humanoid robot called REEM-B, which received worldwide recognition as one of the most advanced humanoid robots. Backed by the success of the previous prototypes, PAL Robotics started commercialization with REEM-H, a research platform and service robot to work as a guide and receptionist at malls, exhibition centers, museums, airports etc.
PAL Robotics is now launching their first commercial biped product, REEM-C.

Video: “Introducing REEM-C” on YouTube

Further videos provided by the PAL Robotics can be seen here.

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