On 21 and 22 of November, 2017 our robotic research laboratory KOVAN at Middle East Technical University opened its door for the first time. More than 300 robot-passionate guests even from different cities came for visiting. The wide range of visitors with different age groups from kindergarten to universities were showing interest in the event. During the event, the audience were briefly informed about our lab and what we do in our projects. Principles of robotics and our robot’s capabilities were visualized with live demonstrations. Moreover, the audience had a chance to visit ATLAS Interdisciplinary robotic research laboratory and meeting with their home-made robot. 

List of Activities:

–    Introduction to Robotic Presentation

–    Garbage collecting and muscle demonstration with UR5

–    Meeting with NAO; NAO robot introduces itself.

–    Photo shooting with iCub 

–    Visiting flight lab, observing drones and their working environment.

–    Demonstration of RHex; a robot which can walk any surface and visiting ATLAS lab.