Created by the French start-up, Partnering Robotics, Diya One is the first interactive robotic solution that takes care of indoor air purification for working organizations. Today, the employees’ well-being consideration can also be expressed by providing a good breathing air, as air alteration is a risk factor for all employees. With Diya One, companies have at their disposal an autonomous mobile robot able to improve the well-being of workspaces with better air quality.

Healthy issue cannot be taken easily

The indoor air quality is actually a serious problem recorded by authorities. Indeed, employees spend between 80 % and 90 % of their working time in enclosed areas or quasi-closed, where air quality is degraded, even polluted. The indoor air contains many different pollutants, chemical or microbiological … It is urgent to realize that the indoor air we breathe in many places can affect people health, from basic irritating to SBS (Sick Building Syndrome), to the development of specific pathologies, as respiratory allergies. Ways of improvement, like recommendations related to ventilation condition, reduction for emission sources, and other heavy and localized features exist, but there persist feasibility convenience and cost topics. An important issue can be enhanced: How can we treat and guarantee the daily indoor air quality in workplaces?

Diya One, a robot for the benefit of working environments

Created by the start-up Partnering 3.0, Diya One is an autonomous robot with a nice design that is able to find its way without help. Its mission is to purify the air thanks to a technology co-developed with the CSTB (Scientific and Technical Center for Building). Embedded into Diya One, at the core of the robot, this technology allows the elimination of several kinds of contaminants. Partnering Robotics and CSTB have an exclusive cooperation agreement for robotics.

“The mobile robot services are a pertinent response to requests concerning the balance of indoor environments, i.e. places where people work or live. Diya One is an open platform designed to gradually receive various e-health and green technology: with Diya One, the robot really work for the well-being of people“, says Ramesh Caussy, President and founder of Partnering Robotics.

Diya One, a robot for the benefit of working environments

About Partnering Robotics

Partnering Robotics is a French R&D company created in 2007 by Dr. Ramesh Caussy that has received the agreement by the French Ministry of Research and Education of “Jeune Entreprise Innovante” (Innovative Company) and is accredited to the “Crédit Impôt Recherche” (Credit Income Tax plan). The company develops digital solutions (hardware and software platforms) and services towards emerging markets (Robotics and Management of energy). Beyond, our projects are all accompanied with an innovative business model.

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