In this MAR Release…

This version of the MAR relates to the Horizon 2020 robotics work programme defined for the 2016 call in ICT-25 & ICT-26. 

Domains and Categories 
There are no Domain priorities specified in ICT-25 & ICT-26 so the Domain sections illustrate the breadth of potential robotics applications and their technology and system ability requirements. The Domains covered are: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Agriculture, Civil, Commercial, Logistics and transport and Consumer. In this MAR a new sub-domain section has been added on Mining Robotics.

There is also a new Robot Category section covering Wearable Robotics, a topic area that has grown significantly in the past few years. In addition the Operating Environment section has been expanded with a short introduction to Smart Cities.

Reading the MAR
The introduction to reading the MAR has also been updated to include an improved clarification of the role of Technical Capability Step Changes and an improved description of how Ability Levels can be used in projects to set benchmarks and measure progress.

TRL Levels
Finally there is a significant update to the descriptions of each TRL level providing further detail on what achievements are expected at each Level and some additional information about how TRLs can be used in projects.

Adding to the MAR
The MAR is the result of community input, mostly from Topic Groups, and a transparent process to identify priorities. The MAR is updated at each Horizon 2020 Call. Readers are encouraged to engage with this process and to contribute their knowledge to the content of this document. It will then reflect and sustain a live discourse on the current state of robotics technology. This can be done by joining euRobotics and by contributing to the associated Topic Groups.