Call for participation: Join the TG on Mechatronics!  

Following a very successful workshop at the ERF 2023 in Odense, coordinators from TG Mechatronics are proceeding to re-establish their euRobotics Topic Group.  

As the physical side of robot intelligence, mechatronics is the foundational technology that enables robots to move, locomote, and physically interact with their environment. Therefore, it is core to numerous applications, with vastly different requirements.  

TG Mechatronics is looking for interested and enthusiastic people from an academic and/or industrial background or other interested people, who would like to join the TG and identify current technological and commercial barriers, look ahead to promising new developments in the field and organize interesting activities.  

If you would like to join our Topic group, please fill in the survey and get involved! 

For more information on TG mechatronics please contact TG coordinator Wesley Roozing at