Deadline for input: 12 December

euRobotics has kick-started the work on a robotics roadmap again, with a target to present a pre-release roadmap at the European Robotics Forum (ERF) in March 2022. Last month, Topic Groups were invited to provide input. They still can – but time is short. The deadline for input is 12 December.  

Meanwhile, the Inspection and Maintenance Robotics Topic Group (I&M TG) has made a direct appeal to its members, which we show below. Other TGs will also have done the same. Our seasonal message is clear. Christmas is coming – but the deadline for input is coming even sooner!

Thanks to everyone providing input in the previous roadmapping round! As you may remember, your input was used as part of the basis for producing  “The Strategic Research, Innovation and Deployment Agenda” (SRIDA) by the European Partnership on Artificial Intelligence, Data and Robotics.

Moreover, your input has also been key to our TG being able to draft a first version of a short document on the major themes within Inspection & Maintenance robotics. This short document (currently 3.5 pages) is a summary of the input provided so far, and the document will be the input from our I&M robotics topic group to the current euRobotics roadmapping process.

We invite everyone to join the I&M TG and to provide feedback to the document on major themes in I&M robotics via the document link below.

  • Deadline for input is 12 Dec 2021.

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