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Winged robot lands like a bird: As roboticists know, smooth but complex precision motion that looks effortless isn’t easy to replicate. Rockingrobots reports on an experimental ornithopter developed at the University of Sevilla, Spain, that lands like a bird.  (Rockingrobots, 21st December). Source (in English)  

Hightech in agriculture – a mowing, sowing sensation: Frankfurter Allgemeine reports on tech advances that are having a transformative effect on agriculture (Frankfurter Allgemeine, 23rd January). Source (in German) 

ChatGPT gets everyone chattering: Not strictly robotics but in a related area, the prowess and linguistic capabilities of the chatbot ChatGPT have excited many commentators at the turn of the year. This piece in La Presse is typical (La Presse, 3rd December). Source (in French)