Research and industry roboticists will discover a new wholesome simulation environment that eases robotics developments. This workshop will seek to demonstrate how to accelerate your research and/or development cycle with the Morse simulator.

The objective of this workshop is to provide a hands-on tutorial on the use of the Morse simulator. This is achieved by giving the users introductory experience on setting up a full simulation environment and running some tutorial examples.

Morse is a fully open source simulation suite based on Blender that aims at simplifying the definition and development of integrated complex robotics experiments. Morse applies the “software architecture in the loop” principle: your robotics software won’t tell the difference between your Morse simulated robot and your real robot.

We will guide a group of users through the steps necessary to create a simulation scene, configure it to plug within a robotics development framework (ROS will certainly be chosen as the example middleware), and run some test examples. Time permitting, we will show how to extend the functionalities of MORSE by creating new simulated robot components or middleware bindings.


  • Introduction to MORSE: objectives, design principles, user view
  • Installation of required software
  • Explanation of the latest developments in MORSE
  • Guided tutorial for some basic simulation cases
  • Development of more complex simulation scenarios with the input of the audience
(- time permitting: creating a MORSE simulated component, binding it to your preferred middleware)
  • Wrapping up / questions


  • Gilberto Echeverria, LAAS, post-doc
  • Severin Lemaignan, LAAS, PhD student
  • Arnaud Degroote, LAAS, PhD student

Key topics

  • Simulation

Workshop category


  • Gilberto Echeverria, LAAS,
  • Severin Lemaignan, LAAS,
  • Arnaud Degroote, LAAS,
  • Simon Lacroix, LAAS,
  • Rachid Alami, LAAS

Planned follow-up

MORSE is under constant development as an open source collaborative project. The development community is primarily centered on Laas and Onera in Toulouse, but numerous people from various universities and labs also contribute to MORSE. User-oriented and developer-oriented mailing lists are very active, and the community organizes (on an irregular basis) “hackathon” events where interested developers are invited to participate to the quick development of specific targets.

Further information


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