All motions (items of business on which members are asked to vote) were approved with near or complete unanimity. These comprised: the ratification of members who had joined euRobotics during the year since the last GA, the annual report, accounts, the discharge (satisfactory fulfilment) of duties of the President, Board of Directors, Secretary-General and the Auditor, increase in member fees from 2024 (in line with inflation), and the election of Board members (details are given elsewhere in this text). Bernd Liepert was confirmed as President for a further term of three years and Juha Röning was elected as VP Research for the remainder of the existing mandate (until the 2024 GA) following the retirement of Stefano Stramigioli. Francesco Ferro was elected as Treasurer following Geoff Pegman’s retirement. One further governance change to report following the GA – at the end of March, the Board elected George Nikolakopoulos to the Executive Team (ExT).