We invite all euRobotics members to the General Assembly (GA) on 27 June 2022 starting at 14:30 CEST. The GA is held at The Ahoy Conference Center, Ahoyweg 10, 3084 BA Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Please find some more information below, please read it carefully and register to the GA.

1. Agenda of the GA

The agenda of the GA can be found in Annex 1.

2. Registration to the GA

We ask you to register for the GA via the online form, ideally before 20 June 2022:
With the registration, you can also inform us about delegated votes and who the voters are. Please register in any case, even if you are not coming or sending a proxy. This will help us to organise the GA accordingly.

If you are attending as a proxy, i.e. with a power of attorney, please register also. In that case, please fill the “power of attorney” form in Annex 2. The form needs to be completed by the main contact, signed and sent as a scan to ga-proxies@eu-robotics.netThe person entitled to vote (either as the main contact of your organisation or with the power of attorney), will get the credentials for the voting tool directly via that tool (Nemovote) in a separate mail few days before the GA.

3. BoD elections

Like each year, this time there will be elections of 8 Board members, 4 from Industry and 4 from Research. Information about the current Board composition and the candidates can be found in Annex 3.

4. Change of Statutes as required by Belgian law

This year’s GA will include a change of the Statutes of euRobotics following a change of legislation in Belgium which requires a couple of changes (including change of wording in several places, such as “Statutes” to “Articles of the Association”). As this change is anyway required, we took the opportunity to also clean up the Statutes, e.g. by removing the explicit reference to Horizon 2020 to a more generic phrasing regarding partnerships. An overview of the changes (Annex 4a), clean versions of the new Articles of the Association in English and French (Annex 4b and Annex 4c) and “delta” versions in English and French (Annex 4d and Annex 4e) showing the differences are attached.

5. Financials

More information on Financials will follow.

Looking forward to seeing you in Rotterdam at the GA and the ERF!