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Robotics learning activities week in Alcobendas. Within the  + KA219 Project Technology for All  with students from Turkey, Finland, Poland, Italy, Portugal, and Spain

Robotics learning activities week in Alcobendas. Within the + KA219 Project Technology for All with students from Turkey, Finland, Poland, Italy, Portugal, and Spain

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The purpose of the project is to help students think analytically by exploring their own abilities , support them to work on project basis, make them creative and enterprising individuals who have computational and algorithmic thinking skills by combining the developments in technology and education; with partnership we aim to help students about showing respect to individual and cultural differences and comprehend the values of Europe and make them actual life experiences by making new projects together and also helping them to make learning a lifelong experience.
Our purpose is create a technology-education association which cares about human and environment.
Students: Students will have the opportunity to share their projects, they will have the chance to see education reforms in Europe ,at its motherland, with international partnerships. Students will discover how to apply technology in the field of education, they will be careful to produce products that are friendly to environment and will contribute to peace. With the help of the activities, students will have the opportunity to understand the European culture and to interact with each other.
Teachers: Teachers will find the opportunity to recognise the values of Europe while making progress in their field. Guiding the students and seeing different education facilities will not only improve the motivation of teachers, but also contribute to expand their vision.
Other partners: Universities, NGO’s, local administration, stakeholders from private sector, media organs will support the project by voluntary work and sponsorship to help it develop. They will gain awareness on the topics of understanding the values of Europe and carrying into practice.
1. To provide an improvement for all partners about European values and technology in education during the two years of the partnership.
2. To contribute to the world peace by acting against discrimination and distinction through common values.
3. To learn to respect different cultures and their values while perceiving one’s own culture and values.
4. To adjust the technological developments into educational field.
5. To think interdisciplinary by perceiving that different disciplines can work together.
6. To work with European schools about programming and robotics.
7. To work as a team, to see the differences as a wealth and to share the acquired information with others.
8. To raise open-minded, self-confident, creative, entrepreneur, qualified and respectful students who have computational and algorithmic thinking skills and able to adjust technology into educational field and follow the developments in technology.
9. To make all the educational studies widespread among local places and Europe.
10. To emphasise the importance of sustainability, to raise life-long learning individuals and to understand the contribution of teamwork and peer teaching in learning.
Students will acquire systematic, computational, algorithmic and alternative thinking skills, will be able to see the connection between events, and learn while enjoying with the robotics (Arduino, LEGO), coding and 3D designing trainings that they are going to receive in their schools . While robotics improve the hand skills of students, it will embody the abstract thoughts ,and improve the creativity of students ,and the students will have an opportunity to explore themselves. With STEM(science, technology, engineering ,mathematics) trainings the students will learn that the technics in engineering are actually enjoyable, and they can be done easily by thinking scientifically. The students ,that have skills of systematic thinking ,solving problems, seeing the relationships between events ,and thinking creatively thanks to the programming, will teach what they learned to the other students who are interested in the topics, then they will share the products they produced with their partners in Europe. In visits, robotics( Arduino,LEGO), coding and 3D designing workshops will be arranged and the teams will share the products they produced. To disseminate the project locally, we will get in contact with disadvantaged schools and coding and robotics workshops will be arranged for disadvantaged students.
To help the students think interdisciplinary, the teachers who are responsible will organise a workshop and a seminar for them. Creative drama activities, celebrations, trips or picnics will be organised to support the team work and to help the team members work cooperatively, so we will be supporting the students’ awareness towards humanity and environment while improving their motivation.

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