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Bee Bot Workshop 2021

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With the help of Bee Bots, children will learn basic programming and algorithms, develop their logical thinking, fine motor skills, communication skills, enrich their vocabulary, develop spatial orientation, attention, memory and creativity.

The themed backgrounds on which the Bee Bots move are divided into several square fields. Individual fields are marked with different pictorial representations (geometric shapes, letters, numbers, continents, nature, etc.). Children are given the task of programming a Bee Bot to get from point A to point B and the robot is controlled using the buttons located on the back of the bee. After the child programs the Bee Bot, the robot independently moves from one location to another. Children interact with the Bee Bot through keys (manual programming, eg. up, down, left, right, pause, go) and visually master the paths and mazes along which the programmed robots move. From the original simple solutions (eg. Bring the bee from the flower to the hive”) to more complex tasks (eg. “The bee should come out of the hive, then take it to the meadow, pick up the pollen and finally take it through the beekeeper to the jar of honey “). After a certain time of use, children begin to understand the algorithms around them and are increasingly advanced in their learning and creation. This way of learning and teaching is very interesting because it takes place through play and children learn situationally, spontaneously and naturally. Since programming is teamwork, through this game children learn communication skills, teamwork efficiency and how to celebrate successfully solved tasks with common rules, agreements and solutions.”

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