Malaga, 2 March 2020 – This week will see the Trade Fair and Congress Centre of Malaga (FYCMA) host the European Robotics Forum 2020 ‘Future Robotics: Unlocking Human Potential’. Attracting 800 entrepreneurs and experts, this three-day event is now the largest and most influential of the robotics and artificial intelligence community in Europe. 

Opening on Tuesday, 3 March, this year’s forum boasts a major exhibition showcasing the most advanced prototypes, products and services of the EU Horizon 2020 research programme. A unique window to the latest developments in European markets, the event also plays host to variety of interactive workshops, discussions and debates. It is the perfect opportunity for researchers, businesses and entrepreneurs to share their passion, share their learning and build a shared vision for the future.  

With more than 120 hours of seminars, presentations and discussions to choose from, the agenda is designed to educate, inform and inspire. Focussing on the hidden potential of robotics for business and social capital, key areas of focus include:

  • The future of robotics and artificial intelligence
  • Innovative and inspiration in the field
  • Best practice in robotics education
  • Ethics, inclusion and social impact
  • Women in robotics
  • European policy, regulation and logistics

The Opening Ceremony at on 3 March is set to welcome High European Officials as well as several local and national politicians. By hosting ERF2020, Spain is demonstrating their commitment to unlocking the human potential made possible by the practical application of robotics and artificial intelligence. Proud to be part of a European Union that is putting innovation first, “ERF2020 is a unique opportunity to be at the heart of this catalytic conversation. We look forward to the connections, networks and action this year’s conference will unlock”, explains Reinhard Lafrenz, Secretary General of euRobotics.  

The European Robotics Forum 2020 is organised by euRobotics under SPARC, the Public-Private partnership for Robotics in Europe and hosted by Universidad de Malaga in collaboration with Ayuntamiento de Malaga and Parque Technologico de Andalucia. Honorary president of the organizing committee, His Majesty the King Phillip VI.

About euRobotics and SPARC

SPARC is the public-private partnership between the European Commission and euRobotics to maintain and extend Europe’s leadership in civilian robotics. Its aim is to strategically position European robotics in the world, thereby securing major benefits for Europe’s economy and society at large.

SPARC leads the driving strategy behind the largest civilian robotics research and innovation programme in the world, with €700 million in funding from the European Commission from 2014 to 2020 and triple that from European industry, to yield a total investment of €2.8 billion. SPARC will stimulate a more vibrant and effective robotics community that collaborates in development and commercial exploitation in all regions.

euRobotics is a non-profit organisation based in Brussels with more than 250 members, representing the Robotics community in Europe.