The euRathlon/TRADR Summer School 2016 on Heterogeneity in Robotics Systems will take place from Monday 22nd to Friday 26th August in Oulu, Finland, at the University of Oulu.

The Workshop is jointly organised by EURATHLON ( and TRADR ( EU Horizon 2020 and FP7 projects, respectively.

The summer school is designed as a five-day course to provide participants with a full overview and hands-on experience with multi-domain real robotic systems. The intended audience is undergraduate students, Master students, PhD students, postdoc students, researchers from universities/organizations and engineers from industry companies around the world.  The summer school aims to provide the participants with both theoretical and practical insight in multi-domain real robotic systems for deployment in disaster response scenarios.  The trend in this area is going towards multi-robot systems with different outfits, processing powers and operation spaces (ground, water, air) that shall be deployed over long periods and several sorties. This raises many challenges, including multi-modal heterogeneous mapping, semantic analysis and reasoning, (collaborative) planning under uncertainty.  The summer school program will consist of lectures on these topics, and hands-on sessions during which the participants work on practical tasks using several robots with different sensory equipment.

We invite submissions which focus on topics of unmanned ground, air, sea vehicles and their combination on real systems.

We are stressing real applications on:

– Learning in complex robotic systems / Semantic mapping.

– Multi-modal heterogeneous mapping.

– (Collaborative) Planning under uncertainty / Integration of Mapping and Planning.

We welcome papers from non-competitors, if they are within the scope. We encourage especially young researchers to participate. There will be the possibility to earn study credits (doctoral or basic) from the summer school.

Applications should be submitted via email in PDF format to Prof Juha Röning ( All applicants must provide a free format letter (max. 2 pages) describing their research. Papers/posters are not compulsory for attending the summer school, but participants who have submitted a paper will have priority over participants who haven not submitted one.

–   Registration fee with accommodation: 230€/person

–   Registration fee without accommodation: 60€/person

Students enrolled in EU Universities, EU Research Centres or EU Companies have the possibility of getting travel support. 

Application deadline: 20 May 2016

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