The European Robotics Week (ERW2020) is due to take place from 19-29 November. ERW has seen schools throughout Europe demonstrating robotics education at all levels since 2011. Many skilled teachers and enthusiastic local organisers have taken up this challenge, with around 1,400 events taking place in all regions of Europe last year.

The ERW2020 handbook was written to support all event organisers of the European Robotics Week. Within it, you will find a brief introduction to the components of the ERW, along with ideas and resources you can use to make the most of your online events in 2020. It also includes information about online lectures and activities to take place during the Central Event of the European Robotics Week 2020, 23-25 November, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At euRobotics, we believe that in the future the use of robotics in everyday life will be ubiquitous and as a result we need to involve the public from all regions in the discussion. We also take this opportunity to thank all national coordinators and event organisers who are working hard to make the European Robotics Week 2020 a success!

Download the event organisers’ handbook of ERW2020