ERW 2019 Event overview

Central Event 2019

The European Robotics Week 2019 (ERW2019)

The European Robotics Week 2019 (ERW2019) broke all records with over 1,400 interactive robotics related events in 41 countries, showing how robots will impact the way we work, live, and learn. Let’s have a look at what happened during #ERW2019 in various countries where it has been celebrated!

Central Opening Event

14-16 November, Poznan, Poland

Every year, since 2014, the ERW changes the central event and hosts an eco-system of various events in the chosen location.

The ERW2019 Central event in Poznan evolved around Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, and put the spotlight on the biggest country in EU13. Poznan is a place where the energy of New Europe merges with the civilization of the West. A metropolis with over half-a-million residents, Poznan is situated in one of the most economically developed regions of Poland. Grounded on a 1,000-year tradition of competence, the city is focused on achieving success by supporting the most ambitious projects and the bravest visions.

It was be run by well-reputed robotics actors in Poland, with a great track-record of robotics events organisation (e.g. Rover Challenge): Poznan University of Technology (PUT), Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Centre (PSNC), and European Space Foundation (ESF).

Venue: Poznan University of Technology conference & lecturing centre (Piotrowo 2 Street, 60-965 Poznań, Poland)