The European Robotics Week 2017 (ERW2017) Central Event organised in Brussels saw the “Robots Discovery” exhibition hosted by the European Committee of the Regions on 20-23 November, where robotics experts from 30 European and regionally-funded projects outlined the impact of their work on society. The exhibiting projects showed robots assisting during surgery or providing support for elderly care, how robots can help students develop digital skills, monitor the environment and apply agricultural chemicals with precision and less waste or how they can save lives after disasters. The #ERW2017 hashtag has reached over 1 million impressions on social media. Let’s have a look at how the “Robots Discovery” central event has been portrayed.

Day 1, 20 November – exhibition of robotics projects for healthcare

Day 2, 21 November – exhibition of education robotics projects

The robot bus of the Sohjoa Baltic project has arrived to the European Committee of the Regions.

Great #education #robotics day at the EU_CoR yesterday with ER4STEM DeEnigma_EU LUVMI_rover IDLabResearch dwengo & the children from #H2020 #Science— EUSciComm (@EUSciComm) November 22, 2017

The day ended with a reception hosted by First Vice-President of the European Committee of the Regions, Markku Markkula, and a concert by the Logos Robots Orchestra.

Day 3, 22 November – exhibition of robotics projects related to the environment

The Sohjoa Baltic robot bus met the public on the Esplanade of the European Parliament.

Finnish-led Sohjoa Baltic showcases #robotbus in front of @Europarl_EN -one of the first #automated vehicles operating in real life #traffic conditions @eu_Robotics week #ERW2017#sohjoa #future @metropolia— SME & Traffic Tweets (@smetrabxl) November 22, 2017

The day ended with a high-level dinner hosted by MEP Martina Werner at the European Parliament.

Day 4, 23 November – exhibition of robots for international cooperation

Day 5, 24 November – Robotics classes for children 

Baudouin Hubert held robotics classes for children at the Euro Space Center:

During the #ERW2017 we have also had plenty of fun together with REEM C from PAL Robotics playing the piano.

REEM-C Humanoid robot is also celebrating the #MusicDay, playing the piano at the @EU_CoR ! #ERW2017 @eu_Robotics #DiaDeLaMusica— PAL Robotics (@PALRobotics) November 22, 2017

Cheers from BierPauli!

Thank you to all exhibitors, organisers and event partners!

See you at European Robotics Week 2018 #ERW2018!