ERL Emergency Scoring and Standings 2018/2019

The ERL Emergency Service Robots league for Season 2018-19 is composed of two Local Tournaments, the first challenge (sea+land) was held in La Spezia, Italy, and the second challenge (land+air) held in Seville, Spain. Teams participate in a minimum of 2 tournaments per season (April to February) and get scores based on their performances. An end of season score is computed for each team, using the best two participations in tournaments, and teams are ranked based on their final score.

Awards will be given to the best teams for each of the Task Benchmarks (TBMs) and Functionality Benchmarks (FBMs) per tournament by the local organiser.

The “Best ERL Emergency Team Award” to the best performing team of the Season was presented to Team LARICS at the European Robotics Forum (ERF) in Bucharest, Romania, in March 2019.

For detailed information on the scoring system and awards check the ERL Emergency Service Robots Rulebook.

The current scoring and standings for the ERL Emergency Service Robots Season 2018-19 (last update: La Spezia local tournament, July 2018) are the ones below:


Task Benchmarks


TBM1: Yatch Accident in the Harbour (Land + Sea)


Maximum achievements: 78


TBM2: Emergency in a Building (Land + Air)



Functionality Benchmarks


FBM1: 2D Mapping(Land)



Maximum Score: 1

SCORE = (RMSE + ground coverage)/2


FBM2: Mapping (Air)



FBM3: Object Recognition (Land)


Maximum Index: 1

Index= F-measure = 2*(Precission/Recall)/(Precision+Recall) for Beta=1

(See Rulebook for equations)


FBM4: Object Recognition (Sea)



FBM5: Object Recognition (Air)



FBM6: Vertical Wall Mapping (Sea)