The European Robotics League is a novel pan-European robotics competition launched under the umbrella of SPARC- the Partnership for Robotics in Europe. International teams compete against each other in three vibrant fields of robotics: industrial, service and emergency robotics. Competitors engage in local and major tournaments distributed across Europe and organised by a coalition of Europe’s most prestigious robotics institutes. Teams have to compete in at least two tournaments per year, and the scores accumulated by each team are then used to rank them.

The top-ranked teams to be awarded prizes during the European Robotics Forum 2017 Banquet Dinner at the National Museum of Scotland, on 23 March, fall under the following categories:

European Robotics League – Service Robots

  • Best-in-Class Task Benchmark 1 “Getting to Know My Home”
  • Best-in-Class Task Benchmark 4: “Visit My Home”
  • Best-in-Class Task Benchmark 5: “General Purpose Service Robot (GPSR)”
  • Best-in-Class Functionality Benchmark 1: “Object Perception”
  • Best-in-Class Functionality Benchmark 3: “Speech Recognition” (TBD)

European Robotics League – Industrial Robots

  • Best-in-Class Task Benchmark 3: “Fill a Box with Parts for Manual Assembly”
  • Best-in-Class Functionality Benchmark 4: “Navigation Functionality”

Watch ERL Service Robots teaser video

Watch ERL Industrial Robots teaser video