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Welcome/Institutional speeches

Industrial Plenary Talk by Comau – Title: Breaking Barriers: The Rise of a New Generation of Advanced Robotics

Nicole Clement, Chief of Advanced Automation Solutions Comau
Torsten Kroeger, Chief Science Officer at Intrinsic

Round Table – Exploring the Future of Robotics in the Era of Sustainability

Chairs: Franziska Kirstein (Blue Ocean Robotics), Radhika Gudipati (OCADO Technology)
Speakers: Nicole Clement (Comau), Torsten Kröger (Intrinsic), Michele Festuccia (Technical Group Confindustria), Damien Salle (Research Director Tecnalia)

Plenary Lecture by Davide Scaramuzza 14.03.2024

Talk title:
Human-level Performance with Autonomous Vision-based Drones

Autonomous drones play a crucial role in inspection, agriculture, logistics, and search-and-rescue missions and promise to increase productivity by a factor of 10. However, they still lag behind human pilots in speed, versatility, and robustness. What does it take to fly autonomous drones as agile as or even better than human pilots? Autonomous, agile navigation through unknown, GPS-denied environments poses several challenges for robotics research regarding perception, learning, planning, and control. In this talk, I will show how the combination of model-based and machine-learning methods, united with the power of new, low-latency sensors, such as event cameras, can allow drones to achieve unprecedented speed and robustness by relying solely on onboard computing. This can result in better productivity and safety of future autonomous aircraft.

Plenary Lecture by Sergio Matteo Savaresi 15.03.2024

Talk title:
Robo-driver: the enabler for the revolution of personal mobility

In the next 30 years a revolution is expected in the mobility model: the traditional personal mobility model (based on big, fossil-fuel-powered, personal-ownership cars) will be almost entirely replaced by Mobility-As-A-Service, autonomous, electric/H2 cars. This “revolution” aims to make a quantum leap in the overall efficiency of the mobility system, and to contribute to the improvement of the safety and sustainability of vehicles. This revolution will also deeply affect the structure of the entire automotive industry (layers, players, etc.).
Among the main technology megatrends, the autonomous-driving technology has a special/key role: not only is (by far) the most challenging from a technical point of view, but it will play the role of booster/catalyzer of all the other megatrends.
The plenary speech aims to provide a high-level view of this technology revolution, highlighting the role and the impact of the autonomous-driving technology.

Getting ready for the AI act

euRobotics Awards Ceremony

Hackathon & Challenges Award Ceremony

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