ERF2013 Event overview

“Building the future of European Robotics”, the 3-day event, from March 19th to 21st 2013, took place in Lyon, France. During the entire European Robotics Forum 2013, participants were able to visit the INNOROBO event (, free of charge. The program for the European Robotics Forum 2013 consisted in community-driven workshops with many interesting speakers. Each day, the forum presented five exciting tracks about the newest developments and trends within robotics.


The European Robotics Forum 2013 in Lyon, France, is the robotic event you should not miss.

This 3-day event, from March 19th to 21st 2013, is a meeting point for at least 350 scientists, companies and robotics officials from the European Commission. The program is designed to provide an opportunity for the companies and researchers to meet and interact in workshops and seminars in order to expand their networks, gather the latest relevant information, and build new business and collaborations thereby strengthening the potential of European robotics.

During the entire European Robotics Forum 2013, you’ll be able to visit the INNOROBO event (, free of charge.
Innorobo exhibition is conveniently located two floors down from the forum – and offers a great opportunity to experience state-of-the-art equipment and simulations.

The program for the European Robotics Forum 2013 consists of community-driven workshops with many interesting speakers. Each day, the forum will present five exciting tracks for you to follow. All workshops have a thought-provoking agenda containing the newest developments and trends within robotics. In the program, you can read more about each workshop and find out which ones you find interesting and would like to participate in.


euRobotics aisbl is a Brussels based international non-profit association for all stakeholders in European robotics. euRobotics builds upon the success of the European Robotics Technology Platform (EUROP) and the academic network of EURON, and will not only continue the cooperation, but will also strengthen the bond between its industrial and academic members, thus leading towards the establishment of only one sustainable organisation for the European robotics community as a whole. 

EUROP, the European Robotics Technology Platform, is an industry-driven framework for the main stakeholders in robotics to strengthen Europe’s competitiveness in robotic R&D, as well as global markets, and to improve quality of life.

EURON is a shorthand for European Robotics Research Network. It is the community of more than 200 academic and industrial groups in Europe with a common interest in doing advanced research and development to make better robots.



GdR-Robotique is a cross-institution structure, formed at the initiative of CNRS in 2007 and dedicated to the networking of research activities in robotics at a French national level. The GdR Robotique objective concerns the enhancement of the synergy between national laboratories and the fostering of the dynamics of the field. It comprises about 60 teams from CNRS, Universities, INRIA, and associated R&D Institutions (CEA, ONERA, IRSTEA, INRIA), which represent up to 1300 researchers, including PhD students. It groups most of the robotics research community in France from various disciplinary backgrounds including engineering sciences, information sciences and life sciences. The GdR-Robotique has also an Industrial Affiliate program of more than 30 members (SMEs and corporate groups) and it is related to more than a 100 of companies having activities in Robotics in France. 



INNOECHO is a company dedicated to the animation and deployment of emerging ecosystems, which drive growth through innovation. It looks to accelerate the emergence of service robotics through developing opportunities of cooperation between industry, research laboratories, academia, and even individuals at an international level. It also aims to inspire a broad audience of professionals from all sectors and students on the perspectives of robotics both as an industry and as a daily life change agent.

INNOECHO is supporting pioneering companies through its consulting activity and via its extensive network in the consumer electronics and robotics field. INNOECHO is the owner and organizer of INNOROBO™, the robotic summit ( held in Lyon, France for the past two years.



Innorobo exhibition is conveniently located two floors down from the forum and offers a great opportunity to demonstrate your state-of-the-art equipment and robotics expertise.

Innorobo supports the service robotics industry to accelerate awareness and business development towards both the worldwide robotics community and all other impacted industries in search of diversification, investments or innovations.

INNOROBO offers the unique opportunity to robotics companies and affiliated industry (components, software, hardware) as well as research laboratories to increase their overall business internationally, develop new partnerships and share real discussions about robotics with renowned thought leaders and worldwide robotics experts. A rich and full experience that only happens at INNOROBO. 

  • Start-ups gain visibility while demonstrating their innovations and have opportunities to introduce their strategy and business plan to private investors and public financial institutions.
  • Research labs communicate and disseminate to the whole international robotics community projects and their results, establish contacts with potential industrial partners and share real discussions with their peers from abroad.

Worldwide experts and thought pioneers and leaders are on the floor, available and open to real strategic discussions and decision makings.

Launched in March 2011, Innorobo™ has become in 2 years the reference in Europe, gathering the Service robotics thinkers and doers with non-robotics executives from all sectors. In 2012, INNOROBO gathered:

  • 104 exhibitors with decision makers from 12 different nationalities 
  • 12,000 (+20% compared to 2011) professionals, whether innovation directors, product development executives, strategy decision makers, investors, or international organizations’ representatives attended Innorobo 2012. 
  • Visitors came from 34 different countries 
  • Web activities: 13,000 unique visitors of 111 different nationalities over the 3 days.
  • Media: 150 journalists representing 15 countries