With most people arrived and settled in, the delegates now devoted themselves to attending workshops. The program offered six tracks, fully packed with interesting workshops stretching over more than ten hours. A cosy candle-lit conference dinner was held in the evening, nicely rounding off a busy day at ERF2012.

Clearly, the attendants were starting to familiarise with each other as well as the facilities at Magasinet and Kulturmaskinen. This was evident from the constant movement of delegates navigating cheerfully between Andersen, Nielsen, Hansen and the three halls.

No doubt, the second day was to be considered the main day of the forum with workshops stretching over more than ten hours. Throughout the day, the workshop program was packed with six tracks of workshops, covering an enormous range of topics.

Some workshops were primarily focused on the presentations, whereas other workshops were all about creating and sharing ideas. Often delegates were encouraged to participate. And they did, diligently scribbling down thoughts in massive clouds of post-it notes scattered all over.

As afternoon progressed into evening, the day culminated in a three-course conference dinner. Here, the delegated embraced the opportunity to discuss the input of the day while enjoying the cosy candle-lit atmosphere.