The third and final day of ERF2012 continued in the spirit of the two first days with 14 interesting workshops, keeping the delegates busy. Judging from the mixture of acknowledging smiles, quiet conversations, cheerful discussions, and thoughtful expressions filling the premises in Odense, the delegates were truly enjoying the opportunity to extend their network and create new working collaborations.

During the final day, many involved expressed great satisfaction with their participation in the forum. Surely, it had been three intensive forum days. 550 researchers, representatives from the robot industry and a number of official representatives from the European Commission had visited the forum and participated in the 40+ workshops. The forum received broad attention from the major Danish news channels as well as from the general public.

In between workshop and in the lunch breaks, many participants embraced the chance to have a look around the adjacent State of the Art Exhibition. The 17 exhibitors at the State of the Art Exhibition had around 500 specific guests plus an unknown number of passers-by, who dropped by as part of a visit to another exhibition.

Gradually, in the afternoon, the participants started to return to their respective countries and cities around Europe, many of them carrying a sandwich for the journey.