The ERF 2022 will offer plenty to bring members of Europe’s robotics community to Rotterdam, where it will take place from 22nd -24th March. While ‘Sustainability’ is the overarching theme, there will be a rich and varied mix of workshops addressing many aspects of robotics.

The community has proposed a good number of workshops addressing application areas such as healthcare or construction, together with workshops discussing technical progress, for example related to robotics and AI, safety, or systems engineering. And there’s even more. Other workshops will focus on specific operating environments such as space or marine robotics. Still further workshops will tackle broader, non-technical aspects such as innovation or ethical, legal, and societal issues.

Besides these workshops, for the first time ERF2022 will offer a scientific track in which high-profile speakers will give an overview of the state of the art and future developments in relevant areas such as Deep Learning and AI, Human-Robot Interaction, or Mathematics for Robotics.

As well as these workshops, the nominees in the three euRobotics Awards categories, the George Giralt PhD award, the Entrepreneurship awards and the TechTransfer awards will each give their presentations in specific sessions so that the three individual award committees can choose the winners. The awards will be presented live in Rotterdam.

The programme will be available on the euRobotics website soon.