Shortly after the official opening, the entire area surrounding the European Robotics Forum 2012 was buzzing with life. People were walking around, chatting, working, and attending workshops. The forum had begun! It’s running Monday to Wednesday.

Early monday morning, robotics experts from all over Europe started to arrive at Magasinet in the heart of Odense, Denmark. The European Robotics Forum 2012 kicked off with two workshops in the morning and the stream of people grew steadier as the first hours of the forum progressed.

When lunch was served in the café, the entire area surrounding the ERF2012 was buzzing with life. People were walking around, chatting and working. Everywhere, the participants were engaged in vivid discussions, serious business meetings, furiously typing on their laptops or calmly reading about upcoming workshops.

During the breaks, the ground floor was busy with participants walking with a focused expression from one workshop to the next, grapping a cup of coffee on the way.

The first day was concluded with an official reception hosted by the mayor of Odense at the town hall.