In line with the Association’s growing focus on the activity of its Topic Groups, we plan to feature news from around the TG community as a regular part of our coverage in the newsletter. Here’s a date for your diaries: 

euRobotics Entrepreneurship Topic Group Webinar Series – ‘Ask Me Anything’ 

Guest Presenter: Clionadh Martin, CEO/Founder, Coalescent Mobile Robotics 

Date: Tuesday 20th September. Time: 1-2pm CET 

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Hear about Clio’s journey as a successful robotics entrepreneur. And you can ask all your burning questions about entrepreneurship.

Clionadh Martin – from engineer to entrepreneur 

Clionadh is the founder of Coalescent Mobile Robotics, a company that’s bringing mobile robots to the retail industry, with a specific focus on grocery. She has a master in robotics engineering and has been working with mobile robots for over 10 years. She started the company in 2018, where she was one of the main developers on the product, while at the same time she started learning how the business and funding world worked. Now the company has 19 people, and her main focus is on business development and the company’s strategic growth.