EURobotics Week @ Graz N2

Date: 02.12.2011
Time 13:00 - 17:00
City Graz, Austria
Event Type Open house;Exhibition;Workshop / public talk / discussion;Educational reach-out
Organisation/s name IInstitute for Software Technology, Graz University of Technology
Event's address/ location Graz University of Technology / Campus Inffeldgasse
Inffeldgasse 16-16c, 8010 Graz

How to get there:
Description: The Institute for Software Technology conducts research to develop dependable autonomous robots. The key interest is automated diagnosis and repair of hardware, software, algorithms and knowledge used by robots. During the demo we will show how a robot robust and safely can react on unexpected situations. Moreover, the visitors will have the opartunity to play a board game such as nine mens morris against a robot. The exhibition will be held in conjunction with other experienced research organizations in the area of robotics, including TU Graz, FH Joanneum and Joanneum Research. The common event date and location provides an excellent opportunity to get an overview of the robotics community in Graz.
Target Audience All Ages
Contact Gerald Steinbauer
+43 316 873-5723

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