The Call for the 2015 Georges Giralt PhD Award by euRobotics is still open!

Although we have already received a respectable set of applications before New Year, there are still countries with major robotics activities from which we have no or very few applications. In order to give all Ph.D. theses defended in 2014 a chance to apply for the award, the submission deadline has been extended to January 10, 2015, 12:00 noon.

We now accept submissions by anyone, but please make sure that the submission meets all eligibility criteria, that the candidate is aware of the submission, and that she/he is willing to come to ERF in Vienna to give a presentation in case of being selected as a finalist.


All PhD theses defended in 2014 at a European university are eligible for this Award. We welcome theses from all areas of robotics, including

– theses with strong theoretical contributions,

– theses with a focus on professional applications or technology transfer,

– theses with a high degree of multi-disciplinarity, and

– theses showing how robotics technologies can be ‘exported’ to new domains.


Submissions are done by sending an email to the mailing list of the EURON Education and Training Board at

with the subject line

                [2015-GG-PhDAward-submission:] and the following information as content:

 – last name(s) of PhD student;

– first name(s) of PhD student;

– gender of the Ph.D. student;

– name of the PhD granting institution;

– title of PhD thesis;

– date of PhD defence;

– URL to a PDF version of the thesis.

Please, keep the message concise and to the point, avoiding attachments.

Please do specify the full name of the PhD granting institution (not just acronyms; add these in parentheses), including institution/subdivision/lab if appropriate. The date of your defence must be a date in 2014.

No supplementary information (letters of reference, publication lists, CVs,…) is required.

Award Procedure:

The award will be given to the winner(s) at the next European Robotics Forum (ERF), in Vienna, Austria, March 11-13, 2015.

The submissions will be evaluated by a jury of renowned European robotics researchers. From all submissions, the jury will select a small number of finalists, who will be announced by mid-February 2015.

These finalists are expected to give a 20 minute presentation of their research at the ERF in Vienna. The oral presentation will be part of the evaluation and awarding procedure.


The jury for the Georges Giralt Ph.D. Award consists of members of the former “Education & Training Board” of the EURON network and members of the eURobotics aisbl Topic Group on Education and Training.