On behalf of the ERF Programme Committee, we invite you to submit your workshop proposal for the 16th edition of the European Robotics Forum, to be held from 25-27 March 2025 in Stuttgart, Germany.


The European Robotics Forum is the most influential meeting of the robotics community in Europe, spanning academia, industry and society. It aims to foster communication and knowledge transfer and covers technology, application and impact of robotics. The ERF provides a podium to discuss recent and future advances in robotics in context of applications, societal impact, ethical and legal considerations. Robotics includes classical aspects such as mechatronics, control, perception, and cognition, as well as current themes like AI and data in relation to robotics.

Based on the feedback received, we revised the programme generation concept. Therefore it’s important to read the following information carefully as we want to improve the ERF year by year.


  • 30 June 2024 Deadline Expression of interest step 1, then alignment and merging of WS proposals
  • 10 September 2024:  WS proposals aligned and final consolidated WS proposals are accepted by the PC. The number of WS and tracks are fixed,  proposers are asked to create WS descriptions with all details as step 2.
  • 30 September: Deadline initial WS descriptions, good descriptions should be in place, quality control needed!
  • 30 October: first program draft ready and checked by all WS organisers and contributors for consistency and minimization of topic overlap
  • 15 November: first version of the program published
  • Nov / Dec: program iterations with WS details published
  • 15 January 2025: final program with all details published
  • 25-27 March 2025: ERF takes place in Stuttgart

Submission of Expressions of Interest:

For Step 1, please submit the Expression of Interest by 30 June 2024 via the online form:


Please note, that you need to submit your WS ideas in step 1, full proposals without this step are not accepted, neither for step 1 nor later on.